Way of the Wicked

Having made it out of the prison, the Forsaken set out through the More seeking the Manor house Tiadora told them of. They found their way and Tiadora met them at the door. She brought the slaves out to tend to the needs of the Forsaken. Each person is brought into a private room, bathed, fed, and given a new set of clothes just like royalty. The slaves are clearly enthralled and charmed.

Grumblejack is greated far less warmly by Tiadora, who refers to the ogre as the forsaken’s pet ogre. She even offers to cage up their pet. Grumblejack made sure to inform her that he was a fearsome monster, not a pet. Even going as far as to swear that he will eat her one day.

After given a small rest, the Forsaken are brought down to meet their benefactor. It is here the Forsaken met Cardinal Adrastus Thorn for the first time. He introduces himself as the last High Priest of Asmodeus and tells the villians of his plan to burn Talingarde to the ground and rise up a new country in service to the Prince of Nessus. After some explanation, a contract was produced and signed. Here the “bound” were given their first order from their “master”. They were ordered to rest for three days and await their training.

Given time, and servants, the Forsaken made themselves at home. In the couple of days, they found that Cardinal Adrastus Thorn was no longer at the manor house. Tiadora remained and made trips from the manor house to town to sell and buy items on the Forsaken’s behalf. To aid in their purchases, another of the master’s servants appeared to tally their possessions and divide the master’s gifts between them. Jarvis Anaral took impeccable records of their items, appraising their value, and dividing the master’s gifts to each of them. He added coin to their loot to aid them, as well as gifting each person a silver unholy symbol and an iron circlet.

The iron circlet’s were identified with a magic that would aid in disguising the villains with magic.

While enjoying their time off, a patrol lead by Tracking Officer Clifford Gates. With Tiadora’s magic, she lead them to a nearby cave where a dragon was said to rest. Tiadora then set out with 5 servants of matching genders and builds to the Forsaken. She returned alone, informing those that asked that a dragon must have eaten those escaped prisoners.



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