Way of the Wicked

Having slain or imprisoned Sergeant Tomas Blackerly and the remaining guards in the main hall, the Forsaken took their time, arming themselves and formulating a plan. They set their minds to the Warden’s tower, with plans to either blackmail him into aiding their escape, or kill him.

Using their knowledge of the guard’s postings, the Forsaken began to sneak their way towards the Warden’s tower. F’larden was nearly spotted by the guard on the walls, but was able to bluff his way past, even managing to score some Belladonna the guards have been using to poison Grumblejack. Finally out of the guard’s notice, F’larden joined the other Forsaken in the tower.

The Forsaken saw the history of Branderscar Prison in a number of banners and plaques from its days as Castle Brand. Castle Brand served as the citadel of the Hellknights in the Order of the Brand. All the way to today. Jeir grabbed a few relics of interest from the old Castle Brand days. The Forsaken left Grumblejack to guard the entrance while they made their way up into the Warden’s library. Searching the library, the Forsaken found a couple books of interest, but still no spellbook much to F’larden‘s chagrin. Continuing to the top floor, the Forsaken found two rooms. Elizavet Verithos and F’larden set about searching the Warden’s office and desk, while Fellony Glitterhorn and Liailah Shamayim searched his bedroom.

While inspecting the seemingly empty rooms, Liailah Shamayim suddenly burst out in an uncontrollable laughing fit. Fellony Glitterhorn looked over to see Mathias Richter, the Warden of Branderscar Prison, standing over her no longer invisible. Even faced with the threats of death, this devotee of Mitra would not bow to evil and sought to disable the group. The wizard drew on all his magical might, but was outnumber, and his spell power was not infinite. As he whittled through each of his spells, the Forsaken eventually overwhelmed and slew him. With the Warden dead, the Forsaken continued their search. They found the wizard’s spell book, a map of the Old Moore area around Branderscar Prison, and a number of the Warden’s outfits that seemed quite valuable. They dressed themselves in the new outfits.

With no bag to speak of, the Forsaken stuffed their ill-gotten gains in the Warden’s pillowcases and made their way to the gatehouse. They attempted to sneak across the bridge to the mainland and past the guardhouse. The dogs were quickly silenced with the doggy treats, and everyone stealthed past the house. When one guard heard them pass, quick thinking by Liailah Shamayim gave a password found from one of the guards. The password seemed to satisfy the guards who never came out to look at who was leaving the prison.



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