Way of the Wicked

The forsaken pushes out of the stairway and quickly overwhelmed the two guards who were stationed on the ground floor. One of the guards was able to blow his signal horn before Liailah Shamayim put her dagger through his chest. Liailah Shamayim was able to pick the lock to the armory, the forsaken took their time taking the guards armor and equipping it. Inside the armory, the villains even found Grumblejack’s armor and weapons. As they were attempting to get their armor on, more guards came out finally ready for battle. The guards attacked the barely armored villains before Fellony Glitterhorn clouded the hallway in darkness. The guards made a tactical retreat which gave our villains time to equip their armor. The group was able to overwhelm the guards until Sergeant Tomas Blackerly came charging out and nearly gutted Content Not Found: f-larden. With cries for help, Grumblejack reentered the fray and slays Sergeant Tomas Blackerly in a single swing.

Seeing their Sergeant fall, demoralized the remaining two guards who were finally intimidated to surrender. The guards gave the forsaken some information. Apparently the new warden, a wizard from a noble family, took over a couple years ago. He has had little interest in running the prison and it has been falling apart ever since. Their usual retinue of 50 guards is down to a small dozen. Their equipment is out of date, and half the guards are either drunk or skipping out on their duty for a card game.

While Fellony Glitterhorn and Jeir talked with the guards, Liailah Shamayim and Content Not Found: f-larden started to search the Sargent’s office and room. They found among other things a map of Branderscar Prison with guard postings labeled, evidence that showed Sergeant Tomas Blackerly had been stealing from the prison, and the Sergeant’s hidden lock-box with his ill gotten gains.

Satisfied with the information they got from the guards, the villains took the captured guards and servants they found and locked them in the villain’s old cell. The villains made their way to the side entrance to the grand hall ready to make their way to the warden’s tower to end the wizard who held them captive.



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